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Batrachostomidae - Frogmouths

Kingdom: Animalia       Phylum: Chordata       Class: Aves (Birds)       Order: Caprimulgiformes        Family: Batrachostomidae

Batrachostomidae (Frogmouths) are a group of nocturnal birds related to Caprimulgidae (Nightjars). They are tropical species found from India across southern Asia to South-east Asia. They have large, flattened hooked bills and huge frog-like gape, which is used to take insects. The base of bill is overhung by bristly feathers shielding the nostrils. Tufts of similar feathers are present in front of eyes and ear-tufts. Their wings are rounded and short, and flight is weak. The tarsus is short, and feet small with greatly elongated middle toe. A powder-down patch on either side of rump; oil gland absent. Frogmouths often rest horizontally on branches during the day, camouflaged by their cryptic plumage. Up to three white eggs are laid in the fork of a branch, and are incubated by the female at night and the male in the day.

Batrachostomidae have one Genus, Batrachostomus and worldwide total of eleven species, all from tropical Asia. Two species of Frogmouths are found in India.

Ceylon Frogmouth  (Batrachostomus moniliger) - local resident
Hodgson's Frogmouth  (Batrachostomus hodgsoni) - local resident

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