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Caprimulgidae - Nightjars

Kingdom: Animalia        Phylum: Chordata       Class: Aves (Birds)       Order: Caprimulgiformes        Family: Caprimulgidae

Caprimulgidae (typical Nightjars) are medium size nocturnal and crepuscular birds with highly developed sense of sight, rictal bristles and small weak legs. Toes are slender, and the claw of the middle toe has comb-like serrations. The Nightjars have a relatively large head, large eyes and a short neck. Their wings are long and pointed and the soft plumage is cryptically colored. All or most of the Nightjars are insectivorous and although the bill is tiny, the huge gape allows large insects to be swallowed whole.

There are over 70 species of Caprimulgidae worldwide and out of these 7 (all belonging to the Genus Caprimulgus) are found in India.

Savanna Nightjar  (Caprimulgus affinis) - widespread resident
Indian Nightjar  (Caprimulgus asiaticus) - widespread resident
Jerdon's Nightjar  (Caprimulgus atripennis) - widespread resident
Eurasian Nightjar  (Caprimulgus europaeus) - sparse migrant
Grey Nightjar  (Caprimulgus indicus) - widespread resident
Large-tailed Nightjar  (Caprimulgus macrurus) - widespread resident
Sykes's Nightjar  (Caprimulgus mahrattensis) - winter visitor

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