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Red Knot

Kingdom: Animalia    Phylum: Chordata    Class: Aves (Birds)    Order: Charadriiformes    Family: Scolopacidae

Red Knot (Calidris canutus) is a winter visitor to coastal regions of India.   Size: 24-26 cm

Description: Adults in spring: Above finely mottled with grays, black and light ochre, running into stripes on crown; throat, breast and sides of head cinnamon-brown; dark gray line through eye; abdomen and undertail coverts white; uppertail coverts white, barred with black. Adults in winter: Pale ashy gray above, from crown to rump, with feathers on back narrowly edged with white; underparts white, the breast lightly streaked and speckled, and the flanks narrowly barred with gray. Adults in autumn: Underparts of some individuals show traces of the "red" of spring.

Range: Breeds on arctic islands in both the New and Old Worlds.

Remarks: The Red Knot is a medium-sized, rather short-legged and chunky sandpiper. Look for it on sand beaches with adjacent mudflats and on low-lying meadows.

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