Red-necked Grebe

Kingdom: Animalia     Phylum: Chordata     Class: Aves (Birds)     Order: Ciconiiformes     Family: Podicipedidae

Red-necked Grebe

Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisegena)

Identification: Length: 13 inches Wingspan: 32 inches. Sexes similar. A large, long-necked grebe with a long bill. Bill yellow at the base (most evident on breeding adults). White secondaries and leading edge of wing. Feet set far back on body.

Adult alternate: Black cap, Reddish neck, Pale gray face, Blackish hindneck and back, Whitish flanks and belly.

Adult basic: Dark cap, hindneck and back, Dark gray face and foreneck, white crescent on cheek
Finger of white extending upwards at the rear of the head, Whitish flanks and belly.

Juvenile: Black and white striping on head and upper neck.


Apodiformes Bucerotiformes Ciconiiformes Columbiformes




Gruiformes Passeriformes Piciformes Psittaciformes Strigiformes Trogoniformes Turniciformes Upupiformes