Arctic Loon

Kingdom: Animalia        Phylum: Chordata        Class: Aves (Birds)        Order: Ciconiiformes        Family: Gaviidae

Arctic Loon

Arctic Loon (Gavia arctica)

Arctic Loon (Gavia arctica), also called Black-throated Diver, is a vagrant in India.

Size: 60-74 cm    Weight: 2.5 kg    Food: Mainly fish    Call: A loud yodel

Identification: Black above with white patches, white underparts, black throat, grey head and grey neck (darker near bill). Straight bill. White flanks and distinct white stripes on neck. Basic, juvenal, and second alternate plumages similar, with gray upperparts, crown, and nape and white underparts.

Breeding: Breeds in medium size lakes in the tundra region from May to September. Eggs are incubated for 29 days.

Status: Not threatened, although it is hunted for food in the tundra.


Apodiformes Bucerotiformes Ciconiiformes Columbiformes




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