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Eurostopodidae - Eared Nightjars

Kingdom: Animalia        Phylum: Chordata        Class: Aves (Birds)        Order: Caprimulgiformes         Family: Eurostopodidae

Sibley and Ahlquist separated Eurostopodidae (eared Nightjars) from Caprimulgidae (typical Nightjars), when in their DNA-DNA hybridisation work they found that genetic difference between the Eared Nightjars and the typical Nightjars was greater than that between the typical Nightjars and the Nighthawks of the New World. Eurostopodidae Nightjars differ from Caprimulgidae (typical Nightjars) in having well developed erect ear-tufts and the absence of rictal bristles. Eared Nightjars are found in a region stretching from India to South-east Asia to Australia.

Eurostopodidae (Eared Nightjars) have one genus Eurostopodus and seven species. One species of Eurostopodidae is found in India.

Great Eared-Nightjar  (Eurostopodus macrotis) - local resident


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