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Dendrocygnidae family - Order: Anseriformes

Kingdom: Animalia       Phylum: Chordata        Class: Aves (Birds)        Order: Anseriformes       Family: Dendrocygnidae

is a family of whistling ducks and is found all over the tropical and sub-tropical world. It has a total of nice species. Sexes alike; they are monogamous, possibly forming pair bonds for life. Even though they are not tree ducks, some are commonly seen perched in trees. Some species are nocturnal and little is known of their biology. Pairs preen each other an uncommon trait in ducks. Whistling ducks are so called for their whistling call which is often given in flight. Nests can be built in several localities including a hollow in a tree, on large horizontal branches on top of bromeliads or on the ground. The breeding season is variable but June to October are the more common months. Clutch size of 8 to 10 eggs in some species both sexes take part in the incubation which takes 24-30 days. Both parents care for the young and help feed them. The young, which are precocious, fledge in 42-60 days and normally are ready to breed in their second year. In many localities they are hunted for food and nests are raided for eggs to raise as food birds.

Only two species of Dendrocygnidae are found in India.

Fulvous Whistling-Duck  (Dendrocygna bicolor) - widespread resident
Lesser Whistling-Duck  (Dendrocygna javanica) - widespread resident


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