Greater White-fronted Goose

Kingdom: Animalia       Phylum: Chordata       Class: Aves (Birds)       Order: Anseriformes      Family: Anatidae


Greater White-fronted goose (Anser albifrons) is a winter visitor in India.

Identification: Size: 66-86 cm. Wingspan: 60 inches. Sexes similar. Medium-sized long-necked goose. Adult: Mostly brown plumage. White patch at base of pink or orange bill. Irregular black spots on belly. White line separating belly from wings. White under and uppertail coverts, dark tail. Orange legs and feet. Immature: Mostly brown plumage darker on the upperparts. Yellowish bill, legs, and feet. The White-fronted Goose is the only goose with irregular black spots on the belly and a white patch at the base of the bill. Immatures lack these marks and could be confused with immature blue phase Snow Geese but they have yellowish rather than dark bills, legs, and feet. Escaped domesticated geese can be similar.


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